At Little Tomato data driven creativity is not hyperbole.


Constant innovation. Reading the horizon. Understanding variability. These skills, developed over a career that spans more than 20 years, are enhanced by the collaborations and partnerships that Lara Kline has cultivated as a strategic marketing and communications practitioner.

Before everyone became storytellers and curators, Lara honed her skills supporting brilliant thought leaders, authors, artists, researchers, curators, executives, and many others.  She moves with an easy fluency between the worlds of business, technology, and creative arts serving as a translator for her clients along the way.

Whether driving sales and attendance or advancing an idea or market position, she brings her commitment to creative, multi-faceted campaigns to every project.




Evaluating and shaping efforts around a single initiative or entire business; from multi-channel campaigns to organizational structures, Little Tomato infuses a holistic perspective into every engagement.


Finding the right voice is critical to any communication. Little Tomato excels at creating or adopting the most effective persona for everything we create. From ghost writing op-eds, articles, and books to social content, messaging, and strategic plans.


From brainstorming an original campaign idea to managing a full creative process, Little Tomato lives at the intersection of written and visual languages.


Knowing who to call for what story is half the battle. Creating a strategy for getting a message out to media quickly, consistently, or somewhere in-between is where Little Tomato excels.


Implementing new technologies from augmented reality and virtual reality to developing a new web presence or podcast, Little Tomato helps clients keep their brand and message at the center of any new initiative.



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